Steam Cleaning Services

HYGIvit provides cleaning and sanitize services (residential and commercial), using the latest technology of "saturated dry steam" and procedures in accordance with HSI's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The service offered by HYGIvit is a complete floor to ceiling hygiene sanitize process, without the need to move or dispose any materials and ready to be re-used within minutes.

Hospitals, doctors' rooms, hotels, residences, health resorts, restaurants, supermarkets, public places and all types of small and large tourism offices have particular needs concerning hygiene and sanitization, because of the frequency of human traffic. They have to be fast, reducing risks of chemical disinfectants detergents and guarantee a fresh hygiene sanitized environment, therefore why HYGIvit uses "saturated dry steam".

HYGIvit is a professional hygiene sanitize consulting and services company, offering services such as:

  • free estimates
  • assessing standards of hygiene and sanitizing procedures by potential sources of contamination in a swab sample. This enable clients to track the effectiveness of sanitizing regimes, easily identify problem areas and help drive continuous improvement in a sanitation program.
  • we keep you up to date with the continuing enhancements to the HSI’s Standard Operating Procedures
  • dry steam sanitizing, eliminating bad smells and leaving the surfaces dry so it can be used immediately
  • maintaining high hygiene practice standards and protocols to prevent iatrogenic health hazards
  • guaranteeing the complete elimination of bacteria, dustmites, bed bugs, lice, etc. and
  • promote your business as a sustainable hygiene compliant environment.

HYGIvit's service domains:

  • Pre-occupation or post renovation sanitize and deep cleaning of industrial, commercial and residential premises
  • Sanitizing and cleaning of apartment buildings
  • Sanitizing and cleaning of offices
  • Sanitizing and cleaning of hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and communal public places
  • Safe & generate more Revenue

The above services help our clients:

  • increasing operational efficiency and preserving a high standard of hygiene
  • better management practices and protocols, catalysts for improved morale & pride (HYGIvit provides you with a service certificate)
  • competitive edge recognition in global market by IHCcertification if and when compliant
  • profitability in generating more revenue and customers and guests’ satisfaction.