Laundry Services


HYGIvit provides a complete laundry service that is service orientated and quality driven.

HYGIvit operates 7 days a week and offers a 24 hour turnaround service.


HYGIvit specialise in the laundering of various industries and the provision of dry-cleaning services. Collection and delivery of all laundry is based on a 24-hour turnaround time.


HYGIvit utilises a complete RFID Linen Management solution – managing laundry operations from (1) production to administration, (2) inventory management and (3) customer service for today’s modern, sophisticated hotels, restaurants, healthcare, factories, etc. – being the first laundry in South Africa utilising RFID’s in flat linen (e.g. bed linen, table cloths, napkins, etc.)


HYGIvit is a member of SATSA (South African Textile Services Association).


Customers are:

  • Public
  • Factories
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Hair Salons
  • Butchers
  • Hotels
  • Guest Houses
  • Restaurants
  • Convention Centres
  • Sport Clubs
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Processing Plants and more.

HYGIvit's mission is to be the outsourcing solution for your facility needs. Our scope of sevices can be tailored to reflect your needs, and designed to save you money.