Saturated dry steam cleaning is indispensable for sanitizing and removing of bacteria, germs and stains from the interior of transport mediums like trains, airplanes, buses, ships, shipping containers, etc. eliminating bad smells and leaving the surfaces dry so the transport medium can be used immediately.

The vast range of accessories makes it possible to adapt the machine to any space, so the operator can use it in the greatest comfort, cleaning as fast as possible.

Furthermore, the use of saturated dry steam at a high temperature guarantees the complete elimination of baceria, germs and also ticks, fleas or lice in fabrics.

Appliance Examples

  • elimination of bad smells in fabrics and from the interior of cars, busses, trains, ships and aeroplanes
  • complete removal of pathogens and parasites such as bacteria and fungi
  • sanitization of seats, head rests, floors and toilets
  • sanitization of cold/storage rooms and shipping containers
  • clean and sanitize platforms
  • clean and sanitize mechanical parts
  • remove dirt from exterior surfaces