Dry steam cleaning helps to maintain a clean and sanitized environment, preventing the spread of contagious diseases common in schools and day care settings.

Child Care
Areas and surfaces to be hygiene cleaned and sanitized are:

  • toys, table tops, chairs and desks
  • carpets, mats and rugs
  • food and drink spills, stains
  • and removal of common dust and dirt, fingerprints and stains on walls, woodwork, cabinets and floors without using dangerous chemicals


  • clean and sanitize fixtures, porcelain, sinks, counters and floors
  • tile and grout lines are easily cleaned and odors removed
  • kills bacteria, mildew and viruses on all surfaces

Sport Equipment and Exercise Areas

  • clean and sanitize equipment quickly and easily
  • reaches cracks and crevices in exercise equipment other methods cannot reach
  • eliminate bacteria and odors
  • clean tile, grout and wood in pool and spa areas