Restaurants, fast food outlets and catering environments face continuing challenges of maintaining the highest hygiene standards at low cost.

These environments are particularly vulnerable to spills, stains and grease. Saturated dry steam cleaning provides a solution in maintaining a cleaner and more sanitized environment. Saturated dry steam can be applied in many areas such as kitchens, serving areas, dining rooms, restrooms and lobbies, etc.

Dining Rooms

Surfaces which can be hygiene cleaned and sanitized are:

  • table tops, chairs, upholstery and curtains - enable customers to notice a fresh and clean environment
  • carpets, rugs, all floor types and furniture - enable removal difficult blemishes as chewing gum and candle wax


  • reduce opportunities of contamination in food preparation areas by cleaning and sanitizing in one easy step without the use of chemicals
  • polish, clean and sanitize stainless steel counters, tiled walls and appliances without expensive chemical agents
  • dissolve grease on ovens, stove tops and burners with ease
  • removes baked and burnt-on grease from cooking areas, pots, pans and other problem areas
  • use less time and less effort cleaning hoods, vents and ceilings
  • deep clean and sanitize refrigerators, freezers and coolers in one easy process
  • eliminates dirt and germs from hard-to-reach areas such as gaskets, cracks and crevices and around fixtures