Hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts, holiday farms, game lodges, health resorts, back packer lodges, etc. have particular needs concerning hygiene and sanitization, because of the frequency of clients. They have to be fast, reducing risks of chemical and disinfect detergents, guarantee a fresh hygiene sanitized environment. Therefore HYGIvit recommends the usage of saturated dry steam.

Depending on the severity of the area(s) to be hygiene sanitized, a specific treatment frequency can be implemented to suit your requirements. High traffic sites may require more frequent treatment.

Bacteria, mites & odor elimination

Areas and surfaces to be hygiene sanitized are:

  • sanitization of tiles and majolicanitization of mattresses, pillows
  • sanitization of bathrooms, showers, changing- & dressing rooms, saunas, turkish baths, hydro-massages, etc.
  • sanitization of swimming pool edges
  • sanitization of plastic and chromed pipes and surfaces
  • disinfection of contact surfaces - elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • removal of stains and bad smells from carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture
  • removal of rubber from upholster coverings, stairs and floors
  • sanitization of lifts, ventilation ducts, windows, mirrors, and parquet wood strips.

Safe & generate more Revenue

The above services help our clients:

  • increasing operational efficiency and preserving a high standard of hygiene
  • better management practices and protocols, catalysts for improved morale & pride
  • competitive edge recognition in global market by IHC certification if and when compliant
  • profitability in generating more revenue and
  • customers & guests’ satisfaction