Food Manufacturing


Food manufactures have particular needs concerning hygiene and sanitization, they have to be fast, reducing risks of chemical detergents and guarantee a hygiene sanitized environment in order to comply with international regulations.

With the use of saturated dry steam, all of the above can be achieved without the use of chemicals and with very little water usage.

Saturated dry steam is faster, cleaner and more effective than traditional cleaning methods.

Elimination of bacteria and pathogens

  • Areas and surfaces to be hygiene sanitized are:
  • food preparation and contact surfaces
  • all stainless steel surfaces, wrappers, slicers/dicers, scales/sensors, conveyor belts, chains, sprockets, rollers, feeders, gaskets and racks.
  • plastic and chromed pipes and surfaces
  • floors and grouting
  • refrigeration systems
  • electrical panels
  • and degreasing of stoves, ovens, hoods, frying equipment, walls, ceilings, vents and fans

Safe & generate more Revenue
The above services help our clients:

  • increasing operational efficiency and preserving a high standard of hygiene
  • better management practices and protocols, catalysts for improved morale & pride
  • competitive edge recognition in global market by certifications if and when compliant
  • profitability in generating more revenue and
  • client/consumer satisfaction