Wellbeing is the essence of living well. The quality of life also derives from the attentive care for domestic hygiene: a new way of living with your home and health, for new found serenity in a safe and protected environment.


Our manufacturer (Menikini) is a family business, and collectively we believe in the authentic values of wellbeing and well-living: this is why we give great importance to the faith our customers put in us. Hence the reasons why HYGIvit and Menikini invest resources in the study and realization of new products, that can guarantee a clean environment and optimize the time of those who use them. The products are built to be safe, and to last.


Sanitizing and Sterilizing

  • our products are comprehensive systems to counter allergies
  • steam eliminates germs, mites and bacteria, which cannot survive high steam temperature and pressure
  • the products' multiple filtering systems trap dirt and dust, so only clean air gets released back into the environment
  • the allegra series machines are equipped with a water filtering system that retains dirt and with a HEPA antiallergenic filter that traps the smallest particles, such as mites, responsible for the most common allergies associated with dust
  • the highest quality standards are thus ensured while both using and maintaining the machine; no dirt is released when water tank is emptied, nor when the washable HEPA filter is cleaned


Benefits and Areas/Surfaces to be Sanitized and Sterilized

  • dry steam cleaning reaches into the tiniest cracks and crevices and eliminates dirt and germs from areas traditional cleaning methods cannot reach
  • remove baked on grease from stoves, ovens, range hoods and fryers
  • kill and remove mould, mildew, fungus and bacteria and odors
  • clean and sanitize in one easy step bathroom fixtures, counters, sinks and toilets for a healthier environment
  • remove soap scum, hard water scale and stainstiles from grouting, showers, bathtubs and floors in less time and with less effort than chemical detergents
  • clean blinds, curtains and draperies in place
  • clean all floor types as easily as using a vacuum cleaner, build-up wax is removed and looks restored
  • carpets are deep cleaned from stains, sanitized and deodorized
  • remove dust, dirt and grease from walls and ceilings
  • sanitize and polishes stainless steel surfaces of all kinds, chrome fixtures, cabinet hardware and handles
  • de-frost, clean and sanitize refridgerators, coolers and freezers
  • furniture, filing cabinets, desk tops and more are quickly and easily dusted and cleaned in one easy step with no chemicals and much less effort 

allegro multifiltro