HYGIvit provides clients with a "dry finish" even on carpets when using our services or steam cleaning with vacuum products. Unlike traditional water-injected cleaning methods there is no risk of water pollution and there are no mouldy odors afterwards. Also an instant dry finish means that you can clean and sanitize any time, and don't need to wait for a climate of suitable drying conditions or for people to completely vacate the area.

The instant "dry finish" and the absence of finishing mops and cloths is the reason HYGIvit recommends steam with suction for all surfaces.

Steam is the healthiest cleaning process available. It offers the opportunity for chemical free cleaning and sanitizing which is important for people who suffers from allergies, asthma, eczema, dust mites or other chemical intolerances.


There are endless industries /areas/domains where saturated dry steam can be applied to: e.g. hospitals, schools, hotels, automotive, domestic, food manufacturing, healthcare, restaurants, supermarkets, transport, veterinary practices, etc.