Cleaning, however, must not be done at the expense of the environment: the pollution and contamination of the ground are global problems and it is our duty, and not just from a moral point of view, to find a solution, investing in applications that drastically reduce the consumption of water and pollutant detergents.


The SIN List is a comprehensive list of substances that fulfil the criteria for Substance of Very High Concern as defined by REACH. The European Union has approved a new EU regulation on chemicals, REACH, which entered into force in June 2007. Over the next decade thousands of chemicals manufactured in or imported into the European Union will have to be registered. The success of REACH will depend on a prompt, effective process for identifying the most hazardous chemicals on the European market and replacing them with safer alternatives, thereby spurring innovation, competitiveness and clean production.


"Saturated dry steam cleaning" is such an innovation and alternative which guarantees an optimal cleaning and sanitizing system. It is a natural and ecological method of deep cleaning as it removes chemical and toxicity resistance between workplace and dirtiness without using solvents.


Traditional cleaning methods remove dirt mechanically by water and tension-active components, but some dirt can remain in the pores of surfaces. Chemicals become hard and trap the dirt, leading to a build up in pores of surfaces, e.g. grouts of floors and walls. Disinfectants also act mainly on the surface so bacteria can survive and be ready to grow again. A chemical cleaned surface reflects clean and looks sparkling in light, but it is only a visual appearance of cleanliness.


High temperature "saturated dry steam" reaches organic materials deep down in the surface. The dead organisms, even in the innermost pores, can then be removed effectively and restricting further germ growth. Rinsing water, residuals and wastes are all 100% biodegradable.


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