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HYGIvit specialise in the supply of ECO friendly cleaning products and services using the latest technology, products, processes and procedures.


HYGIvit has a B-BBEE status of a Level Four Contributor and a B-BBEE Procument Recognition Level of 100%. 


HYGIvit is a distributor for Greenman International and Delphis ECO cleaning chemical products, which consist of Anti-Bacterial Sanitisers, Bio Drain Treatment Cleaners, Dishwasher Liquids, Multi-Purpose Detergents, Heavy Duty Degreasers, Masonry and Stone Cleaners, Washroom Cleaners, etc. products.


HYGIvit also provides complete industrial and commercial Laundry Services that is service orientated and quality driven. RFID (radio frequency identification) is the latest technology implemented by us, which enables our clients to have visibillity of the where about and status of their garments/linen assets from purchase to condemned status. This contributes to the reduction of lost garments/linen and assists in the purchasing by having access to real time inventory information. HYGIvit is a member of SATSA (South African Textile Services Association).


HYGIvit is a dealer for the Menikini Steam Cleaning Product range. Menikini's products are CE certified and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.


HYGIvit offers “saturated dry steam” cleaning services which has only a 5% moisture content. Saturated dry steam guarantees an optimal ECO friendly hygiene cleaning and sanitising solution.


The "saturated dry steam" is a natural and ecological method of deep sanitising as it removes chemical and toxicity resistance between workplace and dirtiness without using solvents. This hygiene sanitise process, with a low degree humidity, no use of cleaning agents (detergents) and the immediately capture and killing of virus, acarus, bacteria and spores, has made this technology being highly recommended by various laboratories, universities, institutions, etc. <more about Steam Revolution>


"Steam breaks the cycle" - most insecticides are non-ovicidal, which means they do not penetrate and kill eggs. Steam on the other hand, heats pests and their eggs to temperatures which instantly destroy them. <advantages of steam sanitation>



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